Rosalia, as appeared in a special manga
Device profile
Other namesFifth / Strosek 5th
MasterDigo (formerly)
CreatorVandein Corporation
Magic systemSpecial (EC)
TypeEC Reactor (Strosek #5)
HandlingAuxiliary control
Humanoid Device profile
Age 14 (Force)
Date of birth0067
AffiliationFake Hückebein (formerly)
Japanese nameロザリア
First app.Force (ch.18)
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Rosalia (ロザリア Rozaria) is a humanoid Reactor introduced in Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force.


Upon her first appearance in Force (ch.18-19), the men she follows refer to her as "Fifth" (フィフス Fifusu) or "Strosek 5th" (シュトロゼック5th Shutorozekku Fifusu), i.e. the fifth creation of the Strosek series Reactor.

In Force (ch.26), it is revealed by Sonica Lilian of Hückebein that her individual name is Rosalia, probably "Rosalia-Strosek" c/w Lily-Strosek.



Similar to Lily initially, Rosalia is very meek and lacking in confidence, which is likely a result of Digo's abuse. However, she began to slowly open up after Veyron took her in and told her to stand up for herself.

In ForceEdit

Rosalia was created in the Vandein Corporation labs, and her cell age is 14 years old in Force.[1] She is first seen following Digo and Matti who search for good Eclipse infectees and Zero Drivers for their "sponsor". After they are defeated by Veyron and Arnage, she is "picked up" by Arnage to the Hückebein family.

In Force (ch.26), she is sick for unknown reason. Arnage asks Sonica Lilian to read her memories for more information. Later, when Veyron wants to take revenge on Hades Vandein with his injury, Rosalia successfully stops him from leaving. The other Hückebein members are surprised and praise her for being able to stop Veyron.


Like Lily, Rosalia is also a humanoid Reactor of the Eclipse system.

In Force (ch.19), Rosalia has reacted with Digo's Divider-VC9 to become Divider-VC 9 Strosek Reacted "Chrome Greet". However, she is yet to set up any Engage Suit because Digo does not cast any Combat Protective Clothing.


In Force (ch.19), Rosalia is seen casting a chain-binding spell on Veyron.


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