Round Guarder Extend
Round Guarder Extend
Nanoha being protected by Yuuno's spell
Spell profile
Primary casterYuuno Scrya
Magic systemMidchilda
CategoryForce field
Japanese nameラウンドガーダー・
(Raundo Gādā Ekusutendo)
First app.A's (ep.2)
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Round Guarder Extend (ラウンドガーダー・エクステンド Raundo Gādā Ekusutendo) is a high-level force field spell cast by Yuuno Scrya to generate a stationary defensive barrier, useful for protecting and healing weakened mages.

The base of this spell is Round Guarder (ラウンドガーダー Raundo Gādā), a strong defensive force field spell without healing function.[2] However it is never shown in the series.

Such Guarder force field probably requires the caster to invest a portion of his/her mana into it from the start, but it allows the caster to protect a fallen comrade and still devote his/her whole attention to the current crisis.

Notable usesEdit

It is cast by Yuuno in A's (ep.2) to protect and heal Nanoha Takamachi, as he has to help Fate Testarossa and Alph to battle the Wolkenritter and cannot stay aside Nanoha for Physical Heal.


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