Runessa Magnus
Runessa, as depicted in StrikerS X Guide Book
Runessa, as depicted in StrikerS X Guide Book
Character profile
Other namesRune
Age 18 (Sound Stage X)
Date of birth0060
FamilyTredia Graze (foster father)
AffiliationAdministrative Bureau
OccupationCrime Investigator (discharged)
Executive Officer Assistant (discharged)
PartnerTeana Lanster (SSX)
DeviceSilver Dagger
Japanese nameルネッサ・マグナス
(Runessa Magunasu)
First app.Sound Stage X (disc 1)
Voiced byYū Asakawa
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Runessa Magnus (ルネッサ・マグナス Runessa Magunasu) is Teana Lanster's aide in StrikerS Sound Stage X.

Name[edit | edit source]

Runessa may have been named after Nissan R'nessa and Daewoo Magnus.

Throughout SSX, Teana commonly shortens Runessa's name to an affectionate "Rune" (ルネ Rune, pronounced "Roo-neh"), similar to how others shorten her own name to "Tea".

In Sound Stage X[edit | edit source]

In the beginning of Sound Stage X, Runessa simply serves as Teana's Executive Officer Assistant while looking into the Mariage case. Before being transferred under Teana's command, she is a Crime Investigator (鑑識官 Kanshikikan) under the Justice Department (法務局) of Administrative Bureau Faurus Central Office / Ground Headquarters (フォルス地上本部 Forusu Chijō Honbu),[1] and has been investigating the first two murders on Faurus two months prior to SSX. Her specializations are autopsy, research, and marksmanship.

Runessa grew up as an orphan in Southern Orusea, a country plagued by a lengthy civil war. She became an expert with firearms at the time and probably acted as a child soldier, as she was almost fatally wounded at the age of nine.[2] It was then that she was saved and shipped off-world by the Bureau's disaster relief branch. Her exceptional academic record at a Midchildan school allowed her to quickly rise to the rank of Executive Officer trainee. Even so, she displays attachment to her home world and feels herself out of place in the placid administrated worlds.[2]

Towards the end of the second disc, however, it is revealed that Runessa is, in fact, an accomplice and foster daughter of late Tredia Graze, who discovered and mass-produced the Mariage using Ixpellia's body, causing the Mariage Incident. Tredia's primary motivation for his terrorist activities was revenge upon the administrated worlds for a perceived injustice of him and Runessa having had to grow up on a world of perpetual warfare, abundant weapons, yet a shortage of food. Runessa fell under his influence and decided to continue his plans after his death at the hands of the Mariage. To this end, she impersonates Tredia and manipulates the Mariage to cause maximum damage to Mid-Childa, but her emotional reaction to Tredia's name eventually betrays her to Teana, who arrests her after a brief struggle.

Her unwitting collaboration with Runessa almost ruins Teana's Executive Officer career, however, in the end, she is let off with a warning thanks to her efforts in solving the Mariage case and containing the Marine Garden fire.[3] Following Runessa's incarceration, Teana visits her in prison regularly, though the contents of their conversations remain unknown.[3]

In Force[edit | edit source]

Runessa only appears briefly in Force (ch.0), in a flashback of the Marriage Incident.

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