S2U Active Form Movie 1st
S2U's active form in The MOVIE 1st
Device profile
MasterChrono Harlaown
Magic systemMidchilda
Japanese nameS2U
(Esu Tsū Yū)
First app.Nanoha (ep.7)
Voiced byAya Hisakawa
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S2U (S2U Esu Tsū Yū)[1] is a Storage Device used by Chrono Harlaown before he acquires Durandal in A's.


S2U is named for "Song To You" from Lyrical Toy Box.


S2U mainly appears alongside Chrono in Nanoha, A's manga and A's.

Alternate continuitiesEdit

In the portable continuity, both S2U and Durandal are wielded by Chrono, making him a multi-Device user other than Hayate Yagami.

In the movie continuity, S2U appears in The MOVIE 1st and The MOVIE 2nd A's, with no notable change in its designs.


S2U Standby Form Movie 1st

S2U's standby form in The MOVIE 1st

  • In its standby form, S2U takes the form of a black card.
  • In its active form, S2U takes the form of a black staff.


As a Storage Device, S2U has a higher processing speed than an Intelligent Device like Raising Heart and Bardiche, but is unable to advise its master on which spells to cast in a particular situation.

Other notable upgrades are as follows:

Upgrades Description
Multi-Device Emulated Cartridge System In The Gears of Destiny, although Chrono does not wield a Device with Cartridge System, he is a multi-Device user, and hence the special program cartridge is "reprogrammed" as an install program named Ostwind (オストヴィント Osuto Vinto, Ger. "East Wind") for his Storage Devices (without specifying S2U or Durandal) to emulate the cartridge effects. Its name is presumably a reference to the anti-aircraft tank Ostwind.



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