Sachie Ishida
Ishida Sachie
Character profile
Other namesDoctor Ishida
AffiliationUminari University Hospital
Neurology expert
Japanese name石田幸恵
(Ishida Sachie)
First app.A's
Voiced byKumi Sakuma

Sachie Ishida (石田幸恵 Ishida Sachie) is the doctor who treats Hayate Yagami in A's. She works at Uminari City University Hospital and is in charge of neurology. She is a kind but strict person and is very concerned for Hayate's well-being. Despite Hayate's ailment being magical in nature and beyond her efforts to cure, she never gives up

She is credited simply as "Doctor Ishida" (石田医師 Ishida Ishi) in the television episodes.

In A's Edit

Dr. Ishida is first heard in an answering machine message left at Hayate's phone, inviting her to eat with her to celebrate her birthday. When the Wolkenritter are summoned and Hayate is brought to the hospital after fainting in shock, Sachie questions Hayate about them, and Hayate responds by saying that they are her relatives. Sachie commonly meets with Signum and Shamal about Hayate's condition and treatment, allowing them to discuss issues with her.

Sachie remains unaware of the existence of magic or the true nature of the Wolkenritter; when Hayate is teleported away from her hospital room on Christmas Eve, and is absent all night, she blames Signum and Shamal for taking her out. During a flower-viewing party in the third A's Sound Stage, Sachie is still unaware of the existence of the TSAB, and is surprised to hear Leti Lowran mention the "Wolkenritter", and Hayate calling Leti "Admiral".

Sachie makes a single-panel cameo appearance in the A's manga epilogue, checking up on Hayate's recovery.