Sacred Heart
Sacred Heart
Device profile
Other namesChris
MasterVivio Takamachi
CreatorMariel Atenza
Magic systemModern Belka
HandlingAuxiliary control
Japanese nameセイクリッド・ハート
(Seikuriddo Hāto)
First app.ViVid (ch.1)
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Sacred Heart (セイクリッド・ハート Seikuriddo Hāto) is an autonomous-action type Intelligent Device received by Vivio Takamachi in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid.

It is formerly categorised as a "Hybrid Intelligent Device" in ViVid (ch.17). However, further explanation is yet to be revealed, and this might be a former name of the "autonomous-action type Intelligent Device" introduced in ViVid Strike!


Judging by Nanoha Takamachi's reaction, Vivio likely names her Device after Nanoha's own Raising Heart.

Vivio additionally gives Sacred Heart a "mascot name", which she uses most of the time: Chris (クリス Kurisu).


Sacred Heart appears alongside Vivio primarily in ViVid and ViVid Strike!

It also makes brief or cameo appearances alongside its master in The Gears of Destiny and Force.[2]


Sacred Heart appears as a plush bunny that floats in the air to follow Vivio, with appearance similar to the plush bunny that Nanoha gave to Vivio in StrikerS. The bunny is actually an overcoat, its substance is an ordinary crystal like other devices.


Vivio entering Contact Mode

When activated (its trigger is "Sacred Heart! Set up!"), it does not change its physical appearance, and grants Vivio stronger magical power and control, and can let her maintain the Adult Mode.

No matter in Adult Mode or not, Sacred Heart may be absorbed into Vivio's body for better control, especially when entering the following alternative forms:

  • Contact Mode (コンタクトモード Contakuto Mōdo): All the resources of Sacred Heart is concentrated in defense support, making Vivio's whole body a defense equipment. It is first used in a spar against Chantez Apinion, and the command phrase is "Sacred Heart Contact Mode, set up." It makes Vivio's knuckle strong enough to block the blade of Phantasma.[3] In ViVid (ch.80), it is used during Vivio's bet with Ray Tundra to only watch his attack without wimping out.
  • Axel Mode (アクセルモード Akuseru Mōdo): A form which concentrates in speed and reaction support. It is used in the Intermiddle match against Miura Rinaldi.[4]



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