Sailing Force
Organization profile
Other namesDimensional Space-Time Navigation Units (The MOVIE 1st)
TypeInterdimensional navy
LocationTSAB Headquarters
Division ofAdministrative Bureau
Notable subdivisionsSee Warships
Japanese name次元航行部隊
(Jigen Kōkō Butai)
First app.Nanoha (ep.7)
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Sailing Force[1] (次元航行部隊 Jigen Kōkō Butai, lit. "Dimensional Navy"),[2] also known as Dimensional Space-Time Navigation Units,[3] is the branch of TSAB in charge of trans-dimensional warships. The Navy's base of operations is believed to be the TSAB Headquarters and Executive Officers are assumed to be its members by default. Most high-ranked mages tend to be assigned to the Navy, and it has access to the most destructive technologies available to the Bureau, such as the Arc-en-ciel.



Hayate and Rein are wearing Main Office uniforms

The Sailing Force wears the Main Office uniforms, which consist of a royal blue single-breasted jacket with a navy blue yoke worn over a white shirt or blouse, along with royal blue pants or skirt. While skirts seem to be the default female option,[4] some Admirals wear white trousers instead, as well as long blue overcoats instead of jackets.[5][6]

There does seem to be some leeway for senior officers; for example Chrono Harlaown continued to wear his black Executive Officer uniform even after he was promoted to Admiral in the Sailing Force.[7]




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