Saint Church
Saint Church
Organization profile
Other namesHeiliger Kaiser Church
TypeOrganized religion
LocationGrand Cathedral, Midchilda
Established0001 (presumed)
Japanese name聖王教会
(Seiō Kyōkai)
First app.StrikerS (ep.4)
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The Saint Church (聖王教会 Seiō Kyōkai, lit. "Heiliger Kaiser Church" or "Saint King Church") is a Midchildan religious organization first introduced in StrikerS. Founded after the Saint King Unification War, its official doctrine is built around the teachings of the "Saint King", a messianic figure from the Ancient Belkan era.[1] Seeing how all supreme rulers of Ancient Belka were styled "Saint Kings", however, this specifically refers to the last of them, Olivie Sägebrecht, who put an end to the War. The exact creed of the Saint Church has not been detailed so far, but it appears to be pretty liberal compared to other religions and has won a lot of adherents over the years.[1]

As an ally of TSAB, the Church was granted a self-governed area in Northern Mid-Childa, where its headquarters, the Grand Cathedral, is currently located.[1] The Church maintains its own combat force, known as the Church Knights, skilled in Ancient and Modern Belka magic systems.

St. Hilde Academy of Magic is under the auspices of the Saint Church.

As shown in Force, the Church is present even in the areas where TSAB is not, e.g. on the technologically inhibited world of Ruwella, where the Churches are the only locations where interdimensional communication is possible. Isis Eaglet comments that no matter where one goes, the Saint Churches are the same on every world.


Notable members of the Saint Church include:


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