Saint King Unification War (聖王統一戦争 Seiō Tōitsu Sensō) was an armed conflict spanning several centuries, during which the Saint King lineage attempted to rebuild the Ancient Belkan empire that collapsed following the fall of the Belkan homeworld.

Using the Saint's Cradle as their new base of operations, the Saint Kings and their loyal Knights waged war upon their former subjects until the last in the line of Saint Kings, Olivie, was killed and the Cradle, lost. Ingvalt, the Hegemon of Shutra, was a contemporary of Olivie, whom Carim Gracia puts on the same scale of historical importance as her.[1] Belkan survivors settled down on their remaining worlds and abandoned the name of "Belka" completely. It was around this time that the Ancient Belka magic system developed during the Warring Ages was lost in time.

In the immediate aftermath of the war, Mid-Childa emerged as the new dominant force in the multiverse and established the Time-Space Administration Bureau and the Saint Church to promote peace and contain dangerous Belkan war legacy in the worlds administrated by it.


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