Schach Nouera
Schach Nouera StrikerS
Schach in her sister costume in StrikerS
Character profile
Other namesSister Schach
AffiliationSaint Church
OccupationSister / Church Knight
SystemModern Belka
RankAAA (Ground)
StyleTwin-Sword Arts
Japanese nameシャッハ・ヌエラ
(Shahha Nuera)
First app.StrikerS manga (ch.2)
Voiced byKayo Sakata
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Schach Nouera (シャッハ・ヌエラ Shahha Nuera) is a sister (修道女 shūdōjo) (equivalent to Church Knight (修道騎士 Shūdō Kishi)) of the Saint Church responsible as Carim Gracia's secretary, introduced in StrikerS.


Schach means "chess" in German. Her family name is presumably a reference to the Mitsuoka Nouera.

She is also colloquially referred to as Sister Schach (シスターシャッハ Shisutā Shahha).


Schach may be a reference to Axel Almer of Super Robot Wars. Axel first appeared in Super Robot Wars A as a "rival" to Lamia Loveless (on whom Signum is based) and like Schach he has red hair. The fighting style of Axel's mech, the Soulgain, is also similar to Schach's. In OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED (released after StrikerS), Axel fights on foot with a tonfa-like weapon and gains the ability to use some wind-based attacks, in possible reference to Schach.


Schach is a caring and responsible person, serving and guarding important persons to her, such as Carim and Verossa Acous. She can also be very eager to attack her enemies, including Vivio when she thinks this mysterious girl may hurt Nanoha Takamachi.

In StrikerSEdit

Schach often appears with Signum, her sword art fellow.

In the final battle, she joins Verossa in searching the secret base of Jail Scaglietti. She also investigates it together with Fate T. Harlaown, and battles against Gadget Drones and Sein there.

In ViVidEdit

Sister Schach appears in ViVid as the knighthood master of Chantez Arpinion. During the 0079 Intermiddle Championship, she also acts as Chantez's second along with Sein.

In ForceEdit

Sister Schach has so far appeared briefly in a photograph in Force (ch.5).


Schach Knight Clothing

Schach in her Knight Clothing in StrikerS

Schach possesses skills as a knight and holds a mage rank of AAA. Her Armed Device is a pair of tonfa-shaped swords named Windenschaft, making her good at such "Twin-Sword Arts" and a sword art fellow of Signum. Good at transport-type spells, Schach also exploits her speedy footwork in cross-range battles.

Knight ClothingEdit

As a sword-wielding knight, Schach casts a Knight Clothing instead of a Barrier Jacket as defense, with teal green color like her Device.


Gale SwiftModern BelkaAttackMagic-enhanced attack
Tri ShieldModern BelkaDefenseShield
Whirl Swift DashModern BelkaSupportTransport



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