Nanoha seals Jewel Seed Serial XVI
Spell profile
Other namesSeal Handling
Primary casterYuuno Scrya
Nanoha Takamachi
Fate Testarossa
Magic systemMid-Childa
Japanese nameシーリング
First app.Nanoha (ep.1)
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Sealing (シーリング Shīringu) is a spell to seal any magic program from reacting with others. Throughout the series, it is mainly cast to render dangerous (corruptive) magical artifacts inert and safe.

Notable usesEdit

  • It is the first spell ever seen in the original series, cast by Yuuno who attempts to seal a Jewel Seed but fails. Likely, as his abilities are not conducive to attack magic, he needs an incantation to activate it.
  • Sealing is then used by both Nanoha and Fate and to revert the Jewel Seeds into their default form after they have been activated. The chant used for Jewel Seed sealing is usually based off of the following phrase, using number XVI as an example: "Jewel Seed Serial XVI! Seal It!"
  • At the end of A's, Reinforce voluntarily requests Nanoha and Fate to seal her in order to stop the Defense Program still bound to her from regenerating. In the primary continuity, they go through with it, but in The Battle of Aces, they refuse.
  • In StrikerS Sound Stage 01, sealing is used on a Lost Logia that has found its way onto Earth (cf. Sealing Shoot).


  • Seal Handling (封印処理 Hūin Shori) is usually performed by Caro Ru Lushe on Relics in StrikerS.
  • Sealing Lock (シーリングロック Shīringu Rokku) is a variation with additional binding effect, cast by Nanoha on Dieci's Enormous Cannon on The Saint's Cradle. This spell is mainly cast on criminals or their weapons. It has to be cast at a close distance with some cast time, hence not suitable for battles.


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