Seishou Elementary School (私立聖祥小学校 Shiritsu Seishō Shōgakkō, lit. Private Seishou Elementary School), officially Private Seishou University-affiliated Elementary School (私立聖祥大学付属小学校 Shiritsu Seishō Daigaku Fuzoku Shōgakkō)[1], is a six-year elementary school in Uminari City. Unlike the Seishou Junior High School, it seems to be co-ed.

Nanoha Takamachi, Arisa Bunnings and Suzuka Tsukimura attend its 3rd grade in the original series (in 0065). From A's onward, Fate Testarossa enrols in Seishou Elementary School as well. It is also mentioned that had Hayate Yagami not suffered from a debilitating decease, she would have attended it, too. After the Book of Darkness Incident and a period of rehab, Hayate enrols in the same grade of Nanoha and Fate.

The schoolgirl uniform of Seishou is the prototype of Nanoha's initial Barrier Jacket, some elements of which are retained in all subsequent variations or upgrades.



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