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Jail Scaglietti analyzing the Shroud of the Saint King in StrikerS

Shroud of the Saint King is an artifact from the Saint King Unification War era that is seen briefly in StrikerS.

In StrikerS

While it doesn't have any magical properties like the Lost Logia, the Shroud of the Saint King was kept in the Grand Cathedral of the Saint Church and revered as a relic of the Saint Kings. In 0065, an unnamed Church official in charge of the relics was seduced by Due (under the guise of a Church member) and manipulated into stealing the Shroud for her.[1] Due handed it over to Jail Scaglietti who suspected the Shroud to contain blood samples of the last Saint King Olivie, which he needed to clone her and activate the Saint's Cradle. The clone later became known as Vivio Takamachi.

Behind the scenes

The Shroud of the Saint King was probably inspired by the Shroud of Turin, an artifact of the Christian Church said to contain the blood of Jesus Christ himself.


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