Soul Wings
Soul Wings on the back of U-D
in The Gears of Destiny
Device profile
MasterYuri Eberwein
Magic systemAncient Belka
TypeDevice-like equipment
Japanese name魄翼
First app.Gears of Destiny
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Soul Wings (魄翼 Hakuyoku) is Yuri Eberwein's non-Device[1] equipment.


Alternate continuitiesEdit

Soul Wings appears primarily alongside Yuri in the portable continuity, including the time when she is System U-D.

With the name Spirit Flare, it is also adapted in the Brave Duel continuity as Yuri's Brave Duel Device without any change in design comparing with The Gears of Destiny.

In the movie continuity, Soul Wings is instead a synthetic defense system (総合防衛システム sōgō bōei shisutemu) operated by Yuri in Reflection and Detonation with significant changes in design. It is supposed to keep Yuri alive under specific "extreme condition".[2]


The presence of its standby form is unknown. Yuri is seen without it in certain off-battle artworks in both the portable and movie continuities.

Forms Portable continuity Movie continuity
Active/Usual Form Takes the form of two fiery wings generated from two dark spheres at Yuri's back. It can further shapeshift into gigantic clawed arms, sickles or sabers etc. for various attacks. Takes the form of five metallic kite shield-like wings with sword-cross designs on the interior sides and purple color. It can function as shields to block attacks, or wings (by expanding two blade-like metal "feathers" from each interior side) to control high-speed mobility.[2]



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