St. Hilde Academy of Magic
St. Hilde Academy of Magic
Organization profile
TypePublic school
Japanese nameSt.ヒルデ魔法学院
(Zankuto Hirude Mahō Gakuin)
First app.StrikerS (epilogue)
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St. Hilde Academy of Magic (St.(ザンクト・)ヒルデ魔法学院 Zankuto Hirude Mahō Gakuin)[1] is a magical school in Midchilda under the auspices of the Saint Church.[2] The school is a combined elementary and middle school with 5 years elementary and 3 years middle school.[3] Vivio Takamachi attends it in StrikerS epilogue (elementary school first year, 0076) and ViVid (elementary school fourth year, 0079).


Notable students of the Academy include:


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