Starlight Breaker
Starlight Breaker
Nanoha charging Starlight Breaker
Spell profile
Other namesStarlight
Primary casterNanoha Takamachi
Teana Lanster
Magic systemMidchilda
TypeBombardment (Breaker)
Casting speedE
Japanese nameスターライト・ブレイカー
(Sutāraito Bureikā)
First app.Nanoha (ep.11)
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Starlight Breaker (スターライトブレイカー Sutāraito Bureikā) is, along with Divine Buster, a signature spell of Nanoha Takamachi. The spell seems to be one of, if not the, most powerful in Nanoha's arsenal. Although Nanoha introduces Starlight Breaker as a "variation of Divine Buster", its mechanics are quite different. To cast the spell, Nanoha condenses stray mana in the area into a large sphere, then strikes it with Raising Heart to release the energy as a powerful beam. This spell is most useful when cast towards the end of a battle between high-level mages, since the area will be saturated with excess energy from their previous attacks.

At the end of the days in Riot Force 6, Nanoha has taught Teana not the spell, but the skill to collect mana for bombardment. Teana is still in practice when she casts Starlight Breaker in Sound Stage X, her own Breaker (i.e. collection-bombardment) which temporarily borrows her teacher's spell name. When she totally inherits "Starlight", she will add her own arrangement and name her own spell.[2]

In The MOVIE 1st and ViVid, Breaker is explained as a recycling of the mana just used and spread over the battlefield. Therefore, even if Nanoha's mana has been exhausted the spell can still be cast. It is also a reason for Nanoha to teach it to Teana, as her mana capacity is low and such a skill will become her "absolute firepower".[2]

Nanoha does not require an aria to cast Starlight Breaker, except when she is without Raising Heart. Her aria under such condition, as seen in Reflection, is "Gather, shimmer of stars." (集え、星の輝き。 Tsudoe, hoshi no kagayaki.) When the spell is cast by the Will of the Book of Darkness in A's, her aria is "I summon the light of destruction down upon my prisoners. Stars, gather, and become the light which pierces everything. Tear through everything in a blaze of light!" (咎人達に、滅びの光を。星よ集え、全てを撃ち抜く光となれ。貫け!閃光!)[3]


Starlight Breaker is also known in Nanoha novel as "Starlight" (星の光(スターライト) Sutāraito), which is also used in the description of Teana Lanster's Starlight Breaker in StrikerS Sound Stage X.

Notable usesEdit


  • Starlight Breaker Plus
  • Starlight Breaker ex (スターライトブレイカーex) is used in Exelion Mode, and consumes a full magazine of cartridges to replace the energy that had to be gathered from the nearby area while still surpassing its power. Its effects are similar to Starlight Breaker Plus, but the casting time is almost halved.
  • Starlight Breaker ex-fb (スターライトブレイカーex-fb) is, with Raising Heart Exelion's Blaster System, cast on Sankt Kaiser Vivio, using 4 extra Blaster Bits to fire 5 simultaneous Starlight Breakers in order to destroy the Relic core in her body.[4]
  • Starlight Breaker Multi-Raid (スターライトブレイカー・マルチレイド), shortened as SLB-MR, is cast under Blaster 1 in the team training battle in ViVid, being Mode "Multi-Raid" to attack numerous opponents. Several Blaster Bits are charging the spell simultaneously, probably aiming at different targets in the same direction.
  • Starlight Breaker Fireworks Version is used by Nanoha (with Yuuno Scrya's help) in Nanoha Sound Stage 03 on the occasion of Fate's anniversary of her joining with Alph.

Other variations include:

Starlight Breaker Phantom Strike

Teana charging SLB-PS

  • Starlight Breaker Phantom Strike (スターライトブレイカー・ファントムストライク), shortened as SLB-PS, is cast by Teana in the team training battle in ViVid, being Shift "Phantom Strike" to attack numerous opponents.


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