Stinger Blade
Stinger Blade
Spell profile
Primary casterChrono Harlaown
Magic systemMidchilda
TypeShooting (Aimed)
RankAAA (Execution Shift)[1]
Japanese nameスティンガーブレイド
(Sutingā Bureido)
First app.The MOVIE 1st
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Stinger Blade (スティンガーブレイド Sutingā Bureido) is Chrono Harlaown's multi-target offensive spell.

The basic Stinger Blade has only appeared in The MOVIE 1st so far, but actually it was introduced earlier in the series in its Execution Shift, which is chronologically after Stinger Blade's deployment (in A's).

Notable usesEdit

Possible uses of the spell are noted as follows:

  • In Reflection, Chrono casts a shooting spell (probably Stinger Blade) to surround Iris with projectiles.



Chrono casting Stinger Blade Execution Shift in A's

Stinger Blade Execution Shift (スティンガーブレイド・エクスキューションシフト Sutingā Bureido Ekusukyūshon Shifuto) is the mass-bolt variation of the spell cast by Chrono in A's (ep.4), being his most powerful spell seen casting with S2U, before he acquires Durandal. When cast, it sends over a hundred of energy swords to the target, detonating them on impact. It is strong enough to pierce through Zafira's barrier shield, although only a few blades make it through.


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