Device profile
Other namesXS-02
MasterErio Mondial
CreatorShario Finieno
Magic systemModern Belka
Japanese nameストラーダ
First app.StrikerS (ep.2)
Voiced byTetsuya Kakihara
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Strada (ストラーダ Sutorāda) is Erio Mondial's Armed Device. His male programmed gender could be observed during his conversation with Caro Ru Lushe. Strada speaks German, and possibly English (e.g. Sonic Move) since Erio also practises a number of Midchildan spells.


Strada is presumably a reference to either the Fiat Strada or the Bizzarrini Strada. It also means "road" in Italian.

In StrikerS opening theme one, Strada is coded XS-02.


Strada makes his first and main appearance as Erio's weapon in StrikerS and StrikerS manga. He also appears briefly in Sound Stage X, ViVid and Force.

Strada is created by Shario Finieno of Riot Force 6, developed with reference to the Armed Devices of the Force's two Sub-Commanders, i.e. Graf Eisen and Laevatein. Since Erio is directly assigned (instead of seconded) to Riot Force 6 after graduating from training school, he is seen wearing Strada as his watch as early as in StrikerS (ep.2), before the other three Forward members receive the Devices Shari create for them.


Strada's forms are designed for hit-and-run battle styles, suiting Erio's Guard Wing position with high mobility but low defense. It may be based on the Sonic Javelin wielded by KoRyuOh in Super Robot Wars.

DeviceGrid Strada
Form Description
Strada (ストラーダ Sutorāda)
Standby Form
Taiki Forumu
Takes the form of a wristwatch on Erio's right arm, with other functions like schedule and mobile phone. Sonic Move can be used with this form.
Supīa Forumu
Ger. "Spear Form")
Takes the form of a spear, with a rocket-like single-direction jet acceleration function to strengthen the attacks.

First seen in StrikerS (ep.3).

Dyūzen Forumu
Ger. "Jet Form")
Similar to Speerform and inspired by Graf Eisen's Raketenform, this form has a greater number of rocket boosters, which enable multi-directional movements in addition to acceleration, and grant Erio limited aerial combat capabilities, despite extremely complex to handle.

First used in StrikerS (Sound Stage 02) / seen in StrikerS (ep.17), a.k.a. Form Zwei (フォルム(ツヴァイ) Forumu Tsuvai, Ger. "Form Two") in Riot Force 6.

(ウンヴェッターフォルム Unvettā Forumu,
Ger. "Thunderstorm Form")
Tuned to optimize Erio's Mana Conversion Affinity of lightning, enabling him to cast area-of-effect attacks like Thunder Rage.

First seen in StrikerS (ep.17), a.k.a. Form Drei (フォルム(ドライ) Forumu Dorai, Ger. "Form Three") in Riot Force 6.


Upgrade Description
Cartridge System
Cylinder revolver-type Cartridge System similar to that of Graf Eisen, right below the spear head.



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