The Strosek series (「シュトロゼック」シリーズ "Shutorozekku" shirīzu) is the only series of Reactors that possess a humanoid form.


The Strosek series is probably named after the obscure German car company Strosek Driving Design.

In-universe, individual Stroseks are named after flowers (e.g. Lily), as a joke of their original developer,[1] believed to be Hades Vandein.


The Strosek series and the Bible of Silver Cross have been created based on an Ancient Belkan tome (possibly the Book of Darkness), and Strosek's role is to connect and excite the three units, i.e. Driver, Divider, and Storage. As such, they are comparable to Unison Devices (which have their own Lord, weapon and storage tome),[2] and can likewise physically merge with their Drivers to boost their power and control of the infection effects. This process is so similar to a Unison, in fact, that Reinforce Zwei is able to mentor Lily-Strosek on how to improve her synchronization with Thoma.[3]

Another important feature that sets the Stroseks apart from other Reactor types is that in addition to regular Reactor functions, they are also able to suppress all effects of the Eclipse infection in any driver in close proximity.[4][5]



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