Mana being compressed by Star Saber
Spell profile
Primary casterMiura Rinaldi
Magic systemMidchilda
TypeMelee (Breaker)
Japanese name抜剣(バッケン) / 抜剣(ばっけん)
First app.ViVid (ch.24)
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Sword-drawing (抜剣(バッケン) / 抜剣(ばっけん) Bakken) is a Breaker spell cast by Miura Rinaldi. It mainly consists of a series of cross-range kick attacks after compressing mana into the gauntlets of Star Saber. Miura may also compress mana at her leg without setting up Star Saber, or into all four gauntlets.

These attacks are classified by the DSAA as mana-collection blow (魔力集束打撃 maryoku shūsoku dageki).[1]

Notable usesEdit

  • In ViVid (ch.24-25), Miura uses Sword-drawing against Mikaya Chevelle in her first Intermiddle Elite Class battle (group 4 first match) of the 0079 Intermiddle Championship.
  • In ViVid (ch.33-35), Miura uses Sword-drawing against Vivio Takamachi in their Intermiddle match.
  • In ViVid (ch.88-91), Miura also uses Sword-drawing against Vivio in their show match.


  • Sword-drawing: Quadruple Starbright (四天星煌(シテンセイオウ)[2] / 四天星煌(してんせいおう)[3] / 四天星凄(してんせいおう)[4] Shiten Seiō): The four-limb version of Sword-drawing, which also enables the mana compression into the arm gauntlets.
    • Sky-breaking Stance (天破の型 Tenha no Kata)[5]
    • Hundred Bright Stance (百輝の型)[4]

Kick attacks used under Sword-drawing:

  • Sky Fang (空牙 Kūga)
  • Flying Swallow (飛燕(ヒエン) Hien): A roundhouse kick attack with Sword-drawing. When cast against Mikaya in ViVid (ch.25), it is offset with her Tengetsu Kasumi. When cast against Vivio in ViVid (ch.33), it is defended by Sacred Defender. When cast against Rinne Berlinetta in ViVid Strike! (ep.6), Rinne manages to punch Miura in the stomach before assuming the attack.
  • Rumbling Dragon (轟龍 Gōryū): A downward axe kick attack with calf. Miura casts it to knock down Vivio during their show match in ViVid (ch.89).

Sword-drawing: Starbright Blade

  • Starbright Blade (星煌刃(セイオウハ)[1] / 星凄刃(せいせいじん)[3] Seiōha / Seiseijin): A front or side kick attack with Sword-drawing. It knocks out Mikaya with over 23,000 points of damage in ViVid (ch.25) / ViVid anime (ep.9). Miura also casts it against Vivio in ViVid (ch.88).
    • Starbright Blade Double (星煌刃・連牙 Seiōha Renga) is the front kick and roundhouse kick combo. Miura uses it in ViVid (ch.91) with 100% mana charged at right leg, but Vivio manages to dodge it with her reaction.
    • Heaven-piercing Starbright Blade (天衝星煌刃(テンショウセイオウハ)[5] Tenshō Seiōha): A further-enhanced side kick attack with Sword-drawing. Miura casts it in ViVid (ch.35) as finish blow to knock out Vivio in their Intermiddle match.

Punch attacks used under Sword-drawing:

  • Iron Hammer (鉄槌 Tettsui)
  • Hammer Fang (槌牙 Tsuiga): A right punch attack like Hammerschlag used in ViVid (ch.88).
  • Gale (烈風 Reppū): A high-speed bullet punch attack under Quadruple Starbright. Miura casts it against Vivio during their show match in ViVid (ch.88), and apparently in ViVid (ch.89) again without naming it.
  • Meteor (流星 Ryūsei): A right straight punch attack used in ViVid (ch.90).

Shooting attacks used under Sword-drawing:


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