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TSAB High Council
TSAB High Council, as they appear in StrikerS
TSAB High Council, as they appear in StrikerS
Character profile
Date of birthLikely before the adoption of the New Calendar
Date of death0075
OccupationPoliticians, scientists
First app.StrikerS (ep.20)
Last app.StrikerS (ep.20)
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The TSAB High Council (最高評議会 Saikō Hyōgikai) is a group of three individuals who originally founded the TSAB and whose names are all but forgotten. They appear only briefly in StrikerS and in a flashback in StrikerS manga (ch.13).

In StrikerS[]

In episode 20, it is revealed that since its foundation, the TSAB was ruled from the shadows by the three individuals who originally created it. Although they have officially resigned their power to the younger leaders (Leone Phils, Largo Kiel, and Midget Crowbel, also known as the "Three Legendary Admirals"), they have continued to control TSAB's policy even after their natural lifespans came to an end. As revealed in that episode, the Council "discarded their bodies", placing only their brains into a sophisticated life support and communication system in a classified location somewhere on Mid-Childa. Only a select few of the current TSAB leadership knew about their existence.

From the shadows, the Council engaged in various dubious undertakings, including the Artificial Mage and the Combat Cyborg programs, most importantly, the Unlimited Desire project, which created Jail Scaglietti.[1] Scaglietti would eventually prove to be their undoing, when one of his Numbers, Due, managed to disguise herself as a life support technician and assassinate all Council members in the course of the JS Incident.