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More or less confirmed ever since the third Sound Stage of StrikerS. The Fansubbers made a slight mistake: Agito didn't call herself the "Genius of the Burning Flames" when she first appeared, she called herself the "Sword Spirit of the Burning Flames". It's not a moniker she fashioned for herself either, it's the name she's referred to by the scientists who were experimenting on her, making it the closest thing she has to a true name ("Agito" was given to her by Lutecia). She even mentioned that, based on that name, her original owner is most likely a powerful sword-wielder who can use fire. Finally, she mentions that "strangely, (her) heart feels warm" whenever she thinks of her original owner, which is the exact words Signum said when they finally performed a Unison (and probably the reason why she started crying). Of course, this opens up more questions: Is Signum really Agito's master (which makes one boggle at just how powerful the first Reinforce must be to create a program that could form her own Unison Device), or, as a lot of people are thinking, is the Signum we know a perfect copy of an earlier human Signum who was the true master of Agito?
-- Prime32 11:19, June 8, 2010 (UTC)

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