Thunder Rage O.D.J
Thunder Rage ODJ
Thunder Rage passing through the space
Spell profile
Primary casterPresea Testarossa
Magic systemMidchilda
Japanese nameサンダーレイジO.D.J
(Sandā Reiji Ō Dī Jei)
First app.Nanoha (ep.9)
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Thunder Rage O.D.J (サンダーレイジO.D.J Sandā Reiji Ō Dī Jei)[1][2] is a powerful cross-dimension attack, a variation of Thunder Rage possessed by Presea Testarossa. It can strike targets in other dimensions and is powerful enough to damage the Arthra.

To cause a destructive effect so far away from the caster requires an extremely demanding technique called "Distant Occurrence". It takes even greater skill to deliver enough damage to momentarily disable a dimensional warship and strike an individual elsewhere with a weaker effect at the same time. It was this skill and her unique knack at manipulating external mana sources that earned Presea Testarossa limited SS mage rank by the Bureau.[3]


O.D.J represents "Occurs of DimensionJumped", describing its cross-dimension nature.

Notable usesEdit

In Nanoha (ep.9) / The MOVIE 1st, Presea casts the spell from the Garden of Time to attack Arthra (which is in the dimension space) and Fate Testarossa (who is on Earth).


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