Tiida Lanster
Tiida 1
Character profile
Age21 at the time of death
Date of birth0048
Date of death0069[1]
FamilyTeana Lanster (sister)
AffiliationCapital Air Force
Rank1st Air Member[1]
Japanese nameティーダ・ランスター
(Tīda Ransutā)
First app.StrikerS manga (ch.6, in dialogue)
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Tiida Lanster (ティーダ・ランスター Tīda Ransutā) is the late older brother of Teana Lanster in StrikerS.


His first name is presumably a reference to the Nissan Tiida.

Background Edit

Teana brother

A young Teana with Tiida

Tiida, Teana's older brother by 11 years, raised the girl after their parents' death in an accident. He was a 1st-class air force member in the Administrative Bureau and hoped to become an Executive Officer. In his last mission, he failed to capture a wanted mage, and was presumably killed in action during the process. His superiors later criticized him, calling him a failure and saying that he should have apprehended the criminal even if it cost him his life. Tiida was buried in the Portfall Memorial Garden.

Tiida's death traumatized Teana, who enlisted in TSAB to prove to everyone that the bullets of the Lansters are not to be taken lightly. This motivation was also one of the reasons why Teana pushed herself too hard with her training, doing so until Nanoha Takamachi helped her see the error of her ways.


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