Tome of the Purple Sky
Tome of the Purple Sky in INNOCENT artwork
Device profile
MasterLord Dearche
Magic systemAncient Belka
HandlingAuxiliary control
Japanese name紫天の書
(Shiten no Sho)
First app.Battle of Aces
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The Tome of the Purple Sky (紫天の書 Shiten no Sho) is Lord Dearche's Storage Device in the portable continuity.

In a broad sense, the Tome of the Purple Sky is, according to Stern's wording, an independent operating program (独立稼働プログラム dokuritsu kadō puroguramu) sealed in the Book of Darkness, and the Materials are its terminals (端末 tanmatsu).[1]

As a Storage Device (after the program is unsealed), it has identical appearances with the Tome of the Night Sky (reprogrammed since A's ep.12) but purplish color, and is used in set with Yersiniakreuz.


It was formerly unnamed and described as "a book-shaped Storage Device which looks like the Book of Darkness" in The Battle of Aces.[2] Its name is officially known in The Gears of Destiny when the Tome is completed, and "Purple Sky" refers to the purple-colored sky weaved between dusk and dawn.


Alternate continuitiesEdit

The Tome of the Purple Sky primarily appears alongside its master in the portable continuity.

It is also adapted in the Brave Duel continuity as one of Dearche's Brave Duel Devices (see Tome of the Purple Sky), although it is often lent to Yuri.


As a Storage Device, it functions as a storage of magics and spells, as opposed to Yersiniakreuz's function to bombard.


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