Transformation Mastery
Transformation Mastery
Transformation Mastery along the setup of Sacred Heart in ViVid anime
Spell profile
Primary casterVivio Takamachi
Magic systemModern Belka
TypeOther support
Japanese name変身制御
(Henshin Seigyo)
First app.ViVid (ch.1)
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Transformation Mastery (変身制御 Henshin Seigyo) is Vivio Takamachi's magical ability of the Adult Mode transformation. It does not include the casting of Barrier Jacket.

In ViVid, Vivio has learned to replicate some effects of the Sankt Kaiser Mode she was forced into in StrikerS, entering and exiting the Adult Mode at will. As this spell requires a precise control, Vivio cannot cast/maintain it before receiving Sacred Heart.

In ViVid Strike!, Corona Timil, Miura Rinaldi, Rinne Berlinetta and many other young mages also set up their individual Adult Mode for championship matches. Miura referred to such setup without Barrier Jacket as "Charge Mode for training". The details of magic system is not detailed, however.

Notable usesEdit

The spell is first seen along the initial setup of Sacred Heart with Barrier Jacket. Although this transformation greatly unnerves Fate Testarossa when she first sees it, Nanoha allows Vivio to use it for training, making her promise to never exploit the Adult Mode for mischief.


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