Tredia Graze
Character profile
HomeworldOrusea (presumed)
Date of death0074
Japanese nameトレディア・グラーゼ
(Toredia Gurāze)
First app.Sound Stage X (disc 1)
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Tredia Graze (トレディア・グラーゼ Toredia Gurāze) is a character who has so far only appeared in Sound Stage X.

Name[edit | edit source]

Tredia is probably named after Mitsubishi Tredia.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Tredia's physical appearance is unknown, as he is only mentioned in SSX and, unlike other new characters introduced in it, is not depicted on the supplemental material. This makes him likely the only named character in the entire Nanoha series who has never appeared in official art (and likely never will).

In Sound Stage X[edit | edit source]

Tredia's voice is first heard at the end of SSX Disc 1, when one of his clients expresses concern that he may be the next target of the Mariage because he has a connection with Tredia like all the other victims have.

As revealed by Jail Scaglietti on Disc 2, however, Tredia has been dead for almost four years at the time of the Mariage Incident. Scaglietti also reveals that Tredia was the one who discovered the Mariage and Ixpellia some time before his death and planned to use the former to exact revenge upon the population of Mid-Childa. He also wanted to join forces with Scaglietti for the JS Incident but Jail turned him down. Somewhat later, it is revealed that Tredia had a close bond with Runessa Magnus, who looked up to him as a father figure and adopted his goals of making humans know pain.

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