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Triangle Heart 3
Miyuki Takamachi and Fiasse Crystela on the cover
Miyuki Takamachi and Fiasse Crystela on the cover
Video game
WriterMasaki Tsuzuki
PublisherJANIS Computer Software
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows
ReleasedDecember 8, 2000
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Triangle Heart 3 (とらいあんぐるハート3 Toraianguru Hāto 3) is an eroge video game written by Masaki Tsuzuki and released by JANIS Computer Software on December 8, 2000. It is part of the Triangle Heart series of games. The third installment in particular is notable for its spin-off anime series, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, which itself originated from a mini-scenario on a merchandise CD titled Lyrical Toy Box.

The game is not considered part of the Nanoha universe continuity, but had it been the case, it would have been set in the year 0064 of the Mid-Childan New Calendar, because it begins with Nanoha entering the second grade of Seishou Elementary School, whereas in the beginning of the original Nanoha series, set in 0065, she enters the third grade.


Triangle Heart 3 featured several characters who would later appear in the Nanoha franchise, first of all, Nanoha Takamachi herself. Note that although Shirō Takamachi appears on this list, he only makes posthumous appearances in the Toraha continuity. Also, Arisa Bunnings' family name is "Lowell" in this continuity.

Some characters who played major roles in the video game (e.g. the singer Fiasse Crystela) or its OVA sequel (e.g. the professional bodyguard Ellis McGaren), never appeared in any MGLN installments and are therefore not included in the list above.

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