Unchain Knuckle
Unchain Knuckle
Spell profile
Other namesUnchainable Knuckle
Primary casterEinhard Stratos
Magic systemAncient Belka
Japanese nameアンチェイン・ナックル
(Anchein Nakkuru)
First app.ViVid (ch.14)
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Unchain Knuckle (アンチェイン・ナックル Anchein Nakkuru) is a whirlwind-throwing attack spell capable of freeing the caster from binding spells, self-learned and used by Einhard Stratos in ViVid.

It was also a signature move of Quint Nakajima in the past. As commented by Megane Alpine, who was Quint's best friend and rival, binds and shields are useless against its caster. Subaru Nakajima asks if Nove Nakajima teaches Einhard how to cast it. Nove answers she has only taught her "water-slashing", and Einhard learns the rest on her own. Presumably, Subaru and Nove can also use this spell.

Vivio Takamachi, who also practises "water-slashing" in her training, possesses a similar spell known as Bind Break "Unchain Mode".


The spell name is also referred in kanji as Unchainable Knuckle (繋がれぬ拳 Tsunagarenu Kobushi), as adapted by the manga chapter and The Gears of Destiny.

Notable usesEdit

  • In ViVid (ch.14) / ViVid anime (ep.06), when Einhard is bound by Nanoha Takamachi's Binding Shield, she casts this unique spell to break the chains and create shockwaves against Nanoha.
  • In The Gears of Destiny, it is adapted as one of Einhard's long-range spells which can make her bind-proof and increase her defensive power.


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