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As it happens, I am an RPG geek as well as a Nanoha geek, so it was only a matter of time before I would attempt to make an RPG based on the Nanoha series. My first attempt (since deleted) failed because I was seduced to base the game on a universal system that I have never actually played myself (GURPS, for the record), and besides, it wouldn't even be legal to publish it in the first place.

My second attempt fared better, as it was based on the d20 System, which I have played extensively, with an added bonus of the Open Game License. Nanoha d20, as I call it, will likely never be finished, however, because over the three years that I've been working on it, I've grown increasingly disillusioned with the d20. While I still think it's a wonderfully elegant system at its core, actually making a playable game on it requires so much effort and attention to mechanical detail that I don't think it's feasible with just a one-man team as inexperienced at this as I am. What stumped me the most in particular was spell creation, as the old-school Vancian approach to magic in D&D is a lot like picking from a carefully prepared Chinese menu, whereas Nanoha requires a flexible toolbox you can give to the players to build their own magics. I furthermore came to realize that although d20 would eventually let me simulate the minutiae of the Nanoha universe and especially its high-powered magical combat in delicious detail, it would do very little to reproduce the thematic and narrative motifs that constitute a major appeal of the series to me.

To me, the Nanoha series has always been less about the flashy aerial jousting and more about the characters, their relationships and pains. A core element of a Nanoha story is finding out what drives the "bad guys" and how you can not just stop them, but help them overcome their inner darkness and become "good guys". It is also about slowly building trust and growing to rely on other people. None of these themes has any sort of mechanical support in d20, but luckily, I've come across a system that both brings most of the required mechanics out-of-the-box and is easily hackable by design: namely, Apocalypse World and, more generally, anything "Powered by the Apocalypse". In addition to the original game, I've been playing and studying two particular hacks, Monster of the Week and Dungeon World, for inspiration, and I am confident in my ability to produce at least a somewhat playable hack of my own, so stay tuned for the Lyrical Worlds, coming soon...

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