Variable Barret
Variable Barret
Storm Raider coating Variable Barret
Spell profile
Primary casterTeana Lanster
Vice Granscenic
Magic systemMidchilda
Special (AEC)
Japanese nameヴァリアブルバレット
(Variaburu Baretto)
First app.StrikerS (ep.5)
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Variable Barret (ヴァリアブルバレット Variaburu Baretto) is a gun-shooting spell, a development of the basic Shoot Barret based on Variable Shoot.

It coats the barrets with layers of barrier so they can pierce field-type defenses. It also has a stronger power against normal magical defenses. Although multi-layer shooting is considered a high-level skill, Variable Barret is generally aimed, fast-cast and consecutively shot with the assistance of high-functioning Devices like Cross Mirage and Storm Raider.

In Force, Variable Barret can also be fired in a guided way (c/w Variable Shoot) with Teana Lanster's AEC Armament Oxtongue.

Notable usesEdit

  • As appeared in StrikerS (ep.5), Variable Barret is the first spell cast by Cross Mirage after its first setup by Teana.
  • In StrikerS (ep.26), Vice uses it to destroy a Type-III Gadget Drone to create opportunity for Forward Stars' rescue operation.
  • In Force (ch.24), Teana casts the guided Variable Barret with Oxtongue against the truck of the Grendel family.


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