ViVid Strike!
Anime series
DirectorJunji Nishimura
WriterMasaki Tsuzuki
StudioSeven Arcs
Original runOctober 2, 2016 – December 18, 2016
Episodes12 (episode list)

ViVid Strike! (ViVid Strike!(ヴィヴィッド ストライク) Vividdo Sutoraiku) is an anime series produced by Masaki Tsuzuki and Seven Arcs, which originally aired between October 2, 2016 and December 18, 2016. It is part of the core Nanoha canon and features many returning characters from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid and its anime adaptation.

Like StrikerS Sound Stage X, the series' title does not contain "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha", indicating Nanoha Takamachi (and other characters from earlier series) makes only a few cameo appearances in it.


The plot concerns Fuka Reventon, a young magical martial artist apprenticed to Einhard Stratos (secondary heroine in ViVid), as well as Fuka and her new friends' athletic achievements and her relationship with her estranged childhood friend Rinne Berlinetta, also a prominent martial artist. It is set in 0080, one year after the timeline of ViVid, with Vivio Takamachi attending elementary fifth grade in St. Hilde Academy of Magic and Nakajima Gym having already replaced Team Nakajima.


#TitleAir date
01"Fuka Reventon" (フーカ・レヴェントン Fūka Reventon)2 October 2016
Fuka is saved by Einhard and later invited to join Nakajima Gym due to her potential talent in combat. She then becomes an Kaiser Arts apprentice of Einhard.
02"Nakajima Gym" (ナカジマジム Nakajima Jimu)9 October 2016
03"Challenge" (挑戦 Chōsen)16 October 2016
04"Rinne Berlinetta" (リンネ・ベルリネッタ Rinne Berurinetta)23 October 2016
Nove Nakajima, Yumina Enclave and others gather old news and information from internet in order to investigate the reasons for Rinne Berlinetta's personality change in the past few years.
05"Huracan" (ウラカン Urakan)30 October 2016
06"Winter Cup" (ウインターカップ Uintā Kappu)6 November 2016
07"Vivio Takamachi" (高町ヴィヴィオ Takamachi Vivio)13 November 2016
08"Winner and Loser" (勝者と敗者 Shōsha to Haisha)20 November 2016
Vivio Takamachi and Rinne Berlinetta continue with their Winter Cup match. Vivio eventually defeats Rinne, leaving her devastated.
09"Reunion" (再会 Saikai)27 November 2016
10"Rain" ( Ame)4 December 2016
Rinne Berlinetta and Fuka Reventon continue to fight and both of them discover the reasons why they are mad at each other. Fuka also explains why she will not let Rinne win the match.
11"Breakthrough Strike" (撃ち抜く一撃(ストライク) Uchinuku Sutoraiku)11 December 2016
Fuka Reventon and Rinne Berlinetta continue with their fight. Rinne remembers how Jill trained her and wounds Fuka. Fuka gets back up and, despite being overpowered for a moment, knocks Rinne out.
12"In The Tightly Held Hands" (繋いだ手の中に Tsunaida Te no Naka ni)18 December 2016

In addition to the above, four bonus comic chapters and three OVA episodes are additionally illustrated/produced for the anime's DVD/BRD boxes:

Bonus chaptersEdit

02.5"Jill Stola" (ジル・ストーラ Jiru Sutōra)January 25, 2017
While training at Frontier Gym, Hallie asks Jill about her past history as a championship athlete. In addition to Jill's answer, Viktoria also explains her viewpoints and respect. The chat then moves onto Jill's work as a coach and the weak defense of Rinne, who then also arrives at the gym and admits such weakness.
03.5"Nakajima Family" (ナカジマファミリー Nakajima Famirī)December 21, 2016
Fuka, alongside Einhard, joins Nove for lunch gathering with her sisters and Teana. She is introduced to the Nakajima sisters and asked about her new life at Nakajima Gym.

Bonus episodesEdit

#TitleAir date
05.5"Synthetic Magic Battle Championship" (総合魔法戦競技 Sōgō Mahōsen Kyōgi)January 25, 2017
After joining Nakajima Gym for 1.5 months, Fuka progresses well in her striker skills and is finally able to win Corona for the first time in their spar. Seeing Fuka becoming cocky, Einhard has designed a new training menu for Fuka to experience, i.e. Synthetic Magic Battles. The training takes place at another gym in town, where Fuka matches individually and loses against Rio and Corona.
05.75"Watchful Eyes" (見守る瞳 Mimamoru Hitomi)February 22, 2017
13"Summer Time Vacation" (サマータイムバカンス Samā Taimu Bakansu)March 29, 2017


"Future Strike" by Yui Ogura
"Starry Wish" by Inori Minase






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