Viktoria Dahlgrun
Viktoria in ViVid Strike!
Character profile
Other namesViktor

17 (ViVid)

18 (ViVid Strike!)
Date of birth0062
FamilyDahlgrun (ancestor)
Light yellow (ViVid Strike!)[1]
SystemAncient Belka (Dahlgrun)[2]
StyleThunder Emperor Style
DeviceBlaue Trombe
Japanese nameヴィクトーリア・
(Vikutōria Dāruguryun)
First app.ViVid (ch.17)
Voiced byAya Endō
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Viktoria Dahlgrun[3] (ヴィクトーリア・ダールグリュン Vikutōria Dāruguryun) is a character first introduced in ViVid, who is participating in the 0079 DSAA Intermiddle for the sixth time. Her best result in the past is city-wide semifinal (top 3).

She has inherited, although only a little bit, the blood of Dahlgrun the Thunder Emperor, likely another significant ruler in the Belkan ages, in addition to Sankt Kaiser, Hegemon and Flame King of Hades.


Her first name may be a reference to the Ford Crown Victoria. It has also been transliterated as "Victoria" in ViVid Strike![4] and INNOCENT cards. Her family name, from the German family name Dahlgrün, is presumably a reference to the Alwex Dahlgren of Volvo.

Sieglinde Eremiah calls her by the nickname of Viktor (ヴィクター Vikutā), much as Viktoria calls her Sieg. Certain other characters like Mikaya Chevelle also call her Viktor. Notably, "Victor" was formerly used by a few INNOCENT cards in their 2013 editions, and was later amended as "Victoria" for consistency.


Viktoria can be described as a snobbish rich girl and known by Harry Tribeca as a "Stuck Up Freak." Viktoria can be very stuck up and impolite to others which can give her a bad tone towards others.[citation needed] By the time of ViVid Strike!, Viktoria has become a more caring and friendly person, and kinda has left the old ways of her stuck up self a little.[citation needed]

In ViVidEdit

Viktoria is first seen in chapter 17, talking about Intermiddle Championship, Ingvalt and Vivio Takamachi with her steward Edgar Lagreat. From chapter 21, it seems she is a good friend of Sieglinde Eremiah and the rival of Harry Tribeca. In chapter 31 / ViVid anime (ep.11), she faces off against Chantez Apinion and defeats her, only receiving little damage.

In ViVid Strike!Edit

Viktoria is a U19 Player with world rank #3, representing Frontier Gym, as well as the president of the U19 Players Association. She only makes a minor appearance in ViVid Strike!

In ViVid Strike! (ep.6), she gives an opening speech at the 0080 Winter Cup tournament. Later in ViVid Strike! (ep.9), she visits Rinne Berlinetta's home to comfort her, as she has lost her match against Vivio.


Viktoria is a knight (Ritter in Belkan language) armed with heavy Knight Armor and a halberd-shaped Device named Blaue Trombe. Her Style is "Thunder Emperor Style" and her special skill is God Thunder. She presumably possesses the lightning-type Mana Conversion Affinity, an inheritance from the blood of Dahlgruns.

Notably in the anime version, when casting her signature spell God Thunder (and the subsequent attack Helmet Crush), Viktoria's hair glows into blue color, which may be also an inheritance similar to Vivio's heterochromia.


91Army-breaking Slash AnnihilationAncient BelkaAttackMagic-enhanced attack
23Blade BiteAncient BelkaDefenseField
4Flickering LightAncient BelkaAttackMagic-enhanced attack
100God ThunderAncient BelkaAttackArea-of-effect
68Helmet CrushAncient BelkaAttackMagic-enhanced attack
54Spear ShardAncient BelkaAttackShooting
SuigetsuModern Belka
Ancient Belka
AttackMagic-enhanced attack



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