Character profile
Other namesBlack Fire Dragon
OccupationAlzas Guardian Dragon
Japanese nameヴォルテール
First app.StrikerS (ep.17)
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Voltaire (ヴォルテール Vorutēru) is Caro Ru Lushe's guardian dragon, the Black Fire Dragon (黒き火竜 Kuroki Hi Ryū). He was first mentioned by name in episode 10, and is said in the StrikerS manga to be Caro's trump card. He is a fully summoned dragon, unlike Friedrich. Voltaire first appears in episode 17 of StrikerS as a humanoid-form dragon. He is even stronger than Friedrich, who already possesses incredible firepower.

Voltaire is, in fact, Alzas' Guardian Dragon, an ancient creature of great power that only allows himself to be summoned when there is real need to. His raw firepower is absolutely immense, being armed with a magic cannon in each shoulder and the chest. His body is also gigantic, allowing him to easily crush Gadget Drones with his feet.

Caro also mentions him as "Thundering Roar of the Heavens". It is unknown what the exact meaning of that phrase means, but seems to indicate that Voltaire possesses great power.

Name[edit | edit source]

Voltaire was the pen name of the French essayist and philosopher François-Marie Arouet.

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