Vulnificus' Slicer and Crusher forms
as redesigned in the movies
Device profile
MasterLevi the Slasher
Magic systemMidchilda (portable)
Formula-emulated Midchilda (movie)
Japanese nameバルニフィカス
First app.Battle of Aces
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Vulnificus (バルニフィカス Barunifikasu) is Levi the Slasher's axe-shaped Device.

It is initially introduced in The Battle of Aces as a copy of Bardiche Assault, having identical appearances except its main color is dark indigo with blue gem. However, as there is no notable AI, it is not known whether Vulnificus can also be classified as an Intelligent Device.


Its name is derived from Vibrio vulnificus, a type of rod-shaped bacteria.


Alternate continuitiesEdit

Vulnificus primarily appears alongside its master in the portable continuity.

It is also adapted in the Brave Duel continuity as Levi's Brave Duel Device (see Vulnificus). Its basic designs are revised according to those of Bardiche Assault in The MOVIE 2nd A's, with extra designs added as additional forms (e.g. Hyper Slicer Form).

In the movie continuity, Vulnificus appears as Levi's Device in Reflection and Detonation with significant changes in design. Instead of a copy, it is a modified arrangement based on Bardiche Assault.


In The Gears of Destiny, it is not known whether Vulnificus has a standby form like Bardiche Assault's Standby Form, although Levi is sometimes seen in her Slash Suit but without Vulnificus. On another hand, its three battle forms are referred to by Levi therein. As Levi acquires her personal magic color, the mana blades of Vulnificus also changes from golden to aqua blue.

Forms Portable continuity Movie continuity
Equivalent to Bardiche Assault's Assault Form.

Also rubied as 破断斧(クラッシャー),[1] lit. Breaking Axe.

The basic form of Vulnificus,[2] it takes the form of a navy and black axe with a light blue gem. The axe blade is like an assembly part "attached" to the gem part, and is rotatable for form changes.
Equivalent to Bardiche Assault's Haken Form. The mana blade form that specialises in cutting and piercing powers.[2] Crusher's blade part rotates upward by 180 degrees and a straight mana blade is generated, resembling a naginata comparing with the original scythe-like design. Nevertheless, the straight mana blade can still be fired as a projectile.
Giga Crusher
Giga Kurasshā)
N/A The large battleaxe form with the objective to destroy buildings, gigantic opponents or heavily-armored opponents. Its exulting destructive power can break opponents along with their weapons.[2]
Equivalent to Bardiche Assault's Zanber Form.

Also referred to by Levi as "Super Blade" (超刀 Chō Tō) and Vulnificus Braver (バルニフィカス・ブレイバー Barunifikasu Bureibā),[3] c/w Bardiche Zanber.

The Full Drive form that generates two gigantic mana blades between its tip part and cross guard, somehow resembling a claymore. The blade size can be changed freely, and can be elongated to a size that can bisect a facility.[2]



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