Wheel Protection
Wheel Protection
Wheel Protection defending against Zafira
Spell profile
Primary casterLiese twins
Caro Ru Lushe
Magic systemMidchilda
Japanese nameホイールプロテクション
(Hoīru Purotekushon)
First app.A's (ep.9)
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Wheel Protection (ホイールプロテクション Hoīru Purotekushon) is a barrier-type defensive spell that generates a mana whirlpool on the defensive surface to disperse the power of incoming attacks.[1]

Despite its classification, Wheel Protection looks like a shield-type defense as it is visually flat.

Notable usesEdit

  • Wheel Protection is first seen in A's (ep.9), casting by one of the Masked Men to defend against Zafira's punch.
  • In The Gears of Destiny, it is adapted as the Liese twins' two-level counterattack spell against long-range attacks.
Wheel Protection (Caro)

Wheel Protection being "shot" against Garyu


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