Wing Road
Wing Road
Subaru creating Wind Road from a rooftop
Spell profile
Primary casterSubaru Nakajima
Ginga Nakajima
Magic systemModern Belka
Japanese nameウイングロード
(Uingu Rōdo)
First app.StrikerS (ep.1)
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Wing Road (ウイングロード Uingu Rōdo) is a transport-type spell cast by Subaru Nakajima and Ginga Nakajima.

When cast, a long strip of mana, condensed to the point where it can actually be walked upon, appears under the caster's feet, allowing them to travel through the air without actually flying. Subaru and Ginga usually use their rollerblade Devices to skate on the Wing Road, making them capable of combat above the ground by creating space they can stand on. For tactical or cross shift purpose, Wing Road can also be created as floors in the air to help allies or prepare room in advance.

According to Shario Finieno, Wing Road is Subaru's "Inherent Magic" (先天インヒューレント系の魔法 Inhyūrento Kei no Mahō), whose system is somehow different from ordinary. Therefore Shari has to spent a lot of time integrating its autocasting into Mach Caliber.[1] Despite this difference, it can still be classified as a Modern Belkan spell as the Belkan triange and loop are used.


This spell is presumably named for the Nissan Wingroad.

Notable usesEdit


Wing Road parallels Nove's Inherent Skill Air Liner. Similarities between Subaru, Ginga and Nove's combat style are presumably a result of them sharing some DNA of Quint Nakajima. And, although never shown, it is likely that Subaru and Ginga can use the energy of Combat Cyborgs to cast the spell like Nove.


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