Yagami Family

Yagami family, left to right: Shamal, Signum, Vita, Hayate, Zafira, Agito and Reinforce Zwei

The "Yagami family" (八神家 Yagami ke) is a moniker given collectively to Hayate Yagami, her Guardian Knights, and their Unison Devices. While not technically related by blood, they are referred as a family to explain their relationship, since the truth about the Book of Darkness incident of 0065 was classified by the Administrative Bureau. Hayate views her Knights and Devices more as family than as servants, and often refers to them as her "children".[1]

They moved from Earth to Midchilda at some point between 0066 and 0071[2], and opened the Yagami Dojo near their new house.



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