Yersiniakreuz as redesigned in the movies
Device profile
MasterLord Dearche
Magic systemAncient Belka (portable)
Formula-emulated Ancient Belka (movie)
Japanese nameエルシニアクロイツ
(Erushinia Kuroitsu)
First app.Battle of Aces
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Yersiniakreuz (エルシニアクロイツ Erushinia Kuroitsu)[1] is Lord Dearche's staff-shaped Armed Device.[2]

It is initially introduced in The Battle of Aces as a copy of Schwertkreuz, having identical appearances but metallic purplish color.


Yersinia is a bacteria genus best known for causing plague. Kreuz is German for "cross", which is also used in the name of Schwertkreuz.


Alternate continuitiesEdit

Dearche GoD

Dearche wielding Yersiniakreuz in
The Gears of Destiny

Yersiniakreuz primarily appears alongside its master in the portable continuity. It is therein part of a set, along with the Tome of the Purple Sky, a book-shaped Storage Device which looks like the Tome of the Night Sky.

It is also adapted in the Brave Duel continuity as Dearche's Brave Duel Device (see Yersiniakreuz). Unlike Luciferion and Vulnificus, no change in design is noted therein because Schwerzkreuz does not have any change in design between A's and The MOVIE 2nd A's.

In the movie continuity, Yersiniakreuz appears as Dearche's Device in Reflection and Detonation with significant changes in design. Instead of a copy, it is instead a unique arrangement based on Schwertkreuz.[3]


The presence of its standby form is unknown. Dearche does not wield it in certain off-battle artworks in the portable continuity, and is seen generating the staff directly from her palm in Reflection.[4]

Forms Portable continuity Movie continuity
Active/Usual Form Takes the form of a staff identical to Schwertkreuz except for its purplish color, serving as the cannon-body for Dearche's spells. Unlike the original design, it mainly becomes black in color. The sword-cross design at its head becomes two blades with four smaller swords surrounding an aquamarine crystal.



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