Yumina Enclave
Character profile

13 (ViVid)

14 (ViVid Strike!)
Date of birth0066
AffiliationSt. Hilde Academy of Magic
Nakajima Gym
Gym Chief Manager
QualificationSeitai Therapy (Level 2)
DeviceYumina's Device
Japanese nameユミナ・アンクレイヴ
(Yumina Ankureivu)
First app.ViVid (ch.64)
Voiced bySumire Uesaka (ViVid Strike!)
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Yumina Enclave (ユミナ・アンクレイヴ Yumina Ankureivu) is a character first introduced in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid. She is a classmate of Einhard Stratos in St. Hilde Academy of Magic (middle school first grade in ViVid) and the class officer of their class.


Her family name Enclave is presumably a reference to the Buick Enclave car.

In ViVidEdit

Yumina, being a big fan of boxing, invites Einhard to help on one of their class' sport-game booths during the School Festival. During the preparation and the festival, she also befriends other members of the Team Nakajima as well as Miura Rinaldi, whom she helps to release her muscle fatigue by her Seitai Therapy skills.

Later, she also joins the tour to Leuven.

In ViVid Strike!Edit

Yumina is studying middle school second grade in St. Hilde alongside Einhard. Aiming to become a sports doctor, she becomes a part-time leader (バイトリーダー Baito Rīdā) at Nakajima Gym, providing stretch and massage services to gain experience. She is also the Chief Manager[2] (of DSAA candidates).[3]


Yumina possesses the second-level qualification of Seitai Therapy (整体施術 Seitai Sejutsu), a kind of magical massage therapy.

Although only mentioned but yet to appear in ViVid, Yumina's Device is a heart-shaped bracelet on her left wrist when activated per INNOCENT artwork.


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